Permanent Hair Growth Inhibitor

Excessive Facial Hair | Body Hair | Hormonal Hair | Ingrown Hair

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  • Treat your skin with natural care

    DomeliC natural hair growth inhibitor helps you get rid of unwanted hair, acne, wrinkles and dark spots. It is 100% natural and skin-friendly.

  • Completely safe and reliable

    Do you suffer from excessive hair growth? Hair growth inhibitor is designed for daily use without any side effects. Try Domeli'C, the best natural hair growth inhibitor on the market, with ingredients carefully sourced from sustainable sources.

  • No more Repeated Waxing, Threading & Epilating

    Easily permanently remove facial hair, armpit hair, natural bikini line, arms and legs hair with this soaking & extract of natural herbs. Say goodbye to waxing, threading & epilating - you've got an easy solution now. Try DomeliC Natural Hair Inhibitor!

  • Say goodbye to harmful chemicals ridden hair removal products

    Are you struggling with unwanted excessive hair
    growth? Domeli’C has the solution you're looking for! Using our 100% natural plant-based ingredients, we have formulated a vegan, cruelty-free,
    paraben-free, and hypoallergenic solution that works to reduce hair growth and density of each strand. Our product works by targeting the root of the problem, not just the surface. Plus, unlike other brands in the market, our Natural Hair Inhibitor also helps exfoliate your skin to leave it smooth, radiant &

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Evolution of Domeli’C

Our Story

domelic story in pakistan and united states of america
  • It all began in the magical DomeliC Valley, located within the majestic Himalayan Mountains, where natural beauty inspired a mission to bring ethical herbal products with no harsh chemicals when Domeli’C Cosmetics was born in 2011 it became their mission to bring natural and herbal products that could nourish skin while also avoiding any potentially harmful chemicals. The aim quickly became known as ‘Back to Nature' - harnessing nature's resources responsibly with each product designed to have multiple benefits. Our hope is for nature-influenced skin care options such as Natural Hair Inhibitor which not only inhibits hair growth but also moisturizes the skin while helping reduce acne, strawberry legs, and discoloration of razor or laser use on your body. We take great care to ensure the best quality. Our journey starts with sourcing ethical materials from every corner of the globe and continues through manufacturing, and lab testing (over 23 individual tests per batch!) right till it reaches your doorstep in a perfect state! We commit ourselves to bring you nothing but Nature’s

  • Domeli’C Epistle

    “Praise Your Clear Skin By Casting Out Unwanted Hair With Marvellous Natural Blended Herbs”