why to choose domelic natural hair inhibitor

5 Reasons to Choose DomeliC Natural Hair Inhibitor

Hair removal is real time extracting. While many of us commit to waxing, shaving, creams regularly, the results are only temporary and in some cases, painful though. The question remains will you save time or shave & Why not permanent resolve?

It’s Permanent

100% of targeted hair will be completely gone & gets result in just 4 weeks. No more stubble from shaving! No more extra time in the shower meticulously shaving to get bikini ready.

It’s Saves Money

Think of all the money you will save by not purchasing expensive laser treatments or disposable razors and shaving supplies! You only pay for your permanent treatments with no side effects.

Anywhere Smooth

DomeliC natural hair Inhibitor can be apply anywhere you have unwanted hair. That means you can be hair free on your; back, arms, armpits, legs, face and bikini area!

It’s so Easy

Well, Wax, Apply. 2nd time Wax, Apply. 3rd time Wax, Apply. 4th time Wax. Hair Good Bye! DomeliC natural hair Inhibitor is an organic serum. So you got to first wax or threat the area, then Spray the Serum on the area. Absorb it in the skin properly and do this process 3 times a day for one week. Wait for hair to come back again and repeat the same process again. you should start getting results from 2nd session to onward. Normally it takes 4 sessions to hair free, carefree for forever.

Note: Hair grows back at different duration for Everyone.

Its Precise

DomeliC hair Inhibitor serum is proven by the science not just a hype. Clinical trials conducted on one of the actives in France demonstrated stop hair’s amazing hair reducing and inhibiting properties.

  • Reduce body hair in 98% of participants
  • Decrease overall hirsuteness by 89%
  • Lessen antigen/telegenic ration by 79%
  • Ease thickness of body hair by 92%
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