Unwanted Hair - 6 foods to treat facial hair in PCOS

Unwanted Hair - 6 foods to treat facial hair in PCOS

No doubt, our skincare routine contains lots of cosmetic products but despite that we must have a keen look at our diet. Whatever we eat, it leaves great impact on our skin. Along with achieving clear and spot free skin we also seek to find ways to stop unwanted hair growth especially facial hair removal techniques. Facial hair problem is genuinely the most embarrassing problem especially whenever you have to encounter the social gathering. Most probably the excessive amount of facial hair in women is caused due to PCOS. The hair comes harder and greater in such condition prevailing PCOS. So removing them again and again gets lots of effort, pain and also leads to much of the money wasting. In this situation you try to explore the question that how to stop facial hair growth in females naturally therefor we would like to suggest few of foods that you can eat to your great will to fulfil the need of your facial hair removal and to avoid PCOS.

Soy milk:

Soy milk is high in protein and omega 3 fatty acid which you should drink daily to reduce your facial hair. This is plant based milk that can make your skin healthy along with fortification of bones and muscles.   

Soy beans:

Soy beans whether they are yellow, green or black, should be eaten to treat facial hair problem. PCOS patients must have to include soy in their diet as this food greatly helps women to combat with this disease. Soy beans are also rich in protein and high in fibres which are efficiently helpful in facial hair removal for women, naturally.


Women who use to drink spearmint tea are considered as lesser interacting with PCOS. This tea is highly enriched with anti-oxidising agent and immunity builders that halts the risks of getting PCOS facial hair and hormonal imbalance.

Oatmeal & Cereals:

Oatmeal cereals breakfast should be eaten by the women who have high risk of PCOS. This foods contains greater amount of all minerals and vitamins which are helpful in giving you a flawless skin with lesser hair on it.


Salmon fish is great for skin’s health as it contains high quantity of protein, collagen and Vitamin E. To treat the PCOS and to stop facial hair, one must include fishes in the diet as they are highly beneficial in making your skin clear and healthy.

Berries & Veggies:

To fulfil the full-fledged skincare routine, one must add up the consumption of berries especially blue-berries and all green veggies to the diet. They contain high antioxidant agent and vitamins so that eating these food you would get the great health as well as great skin which will be all free from excessive hair.

If you are up on a mission to put an end to your PCOS facial hair, you must add up these above mentioned diets to get rid of your facial hair naturally. Many cosmetic products are there which treat this problem and works as facial hair removal for women but along with applying such products and to accomplish the regime of best skincare routine you should also go for the suggested foods to get rid of PCOS which severely cause facial hair growth in women.

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