Foods you need to eat for Healthy Hair, promote healthy hair growth

Foods you need to eat for Healthy Hair

It doesn’t matter whether you want to lessen your hair fall or promote healthier hair growth, you need to eat hair foods that must be rich in Biotin, Vitamins, Minerals, and Protein. Our nature has given us so many healthy foods for healthy hair that we can eat to our great will for super hair growth. Here is a quick grasping list of foods for healthy hair growth:


This green leafy veggie is highly enriched with Iron and Vitamin A, and C. Eating this vegetable grants your hair longer hair growth because Vitamin A is considered as the best hair growth supplement.


This seasonal veggie is known as the ideal food for hair loss that treats the thinning of hair and promotes hair growth. 


Broccoli’s benefits for hair include several hair health acts such as this fresh veggie contains Vitamin A & C that strengthen hair roots and make them healthier.

Sweet potato
Sweet Potatoes contain Beta Carotene which helps in making thin hair the thicker and fuller one.


Foods that are good for your hair contain a variety of all nuts e.g. walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pistachio, and Cashews. These nuts are rich in nutrients that make your hair roots strong.

Mushrooms & Olives

In the bucket of foods for healthy hair, Mushroom & Olives are considered as the real hair health promoter that stimulates hair growth by making them super strong and long.


Eggs are a great food for hair growth and thickness. One must include at least one egg in their diet plan to fulfil the needed requirement of the body and hair’s enough nutrients.


Foods for healthy hair growth also include dairy products especially Cheese which is full of Vitamin B that helps in hair growth.


Bananas are popularly known as an immunity booster and stress reliever. Bananas fall in the foods to eat for healthy hair. Eating bananas daily can help you in attaining great hair growth that will be thick in volume and texture.


Avocados are full of Vitamin B, Magnesium, Potassium, and minerals that make your hair lustrously shiny and also make them stronger and longer.  

These above-mentioned foods to eat for healthy hair and to promote hair growth are enough to acclaim the gorgeous hair health. To treat the problems like Hair Fall, Thinning of Hair, Dullness, and Roughness of hair, you have to make sure that your diet must include the foods for healthy hair growth, Happily, apart from eating certain foods you should also go for the haircare products that will ultimately help you out in achieving your Gorgeous, Healthier and Fuller Voluminous Hair. Now it's time to just wave your beautiful hair and get a stunning look and attraction because now you already know that Love is in the Hair.

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