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Domeli'C Discovery

Domeli'C” had popped up in 2011, who stepped in the valley of nature to bring back the magical and pure ingredients from this fuller and resourceful Earth. Explore our Place and get Beautified.
Eden of Beauty

Domeli'C Slogan

We are in the footsteps of Blooming Nature as it is way more Supple, Gentle, and Refreshed. We have started this journey of giving you Purity Oriented Beauty & Cosmetic Products by dwelling in nature. Our thriving mission is to take you into the world of purity guaranteed aura of Healing, Freshness, and Beautification by eliminating harshness and cruelty for your Beautiful-Self. Our all products are crafted by keeping in view the skin-friendly ingredients that hype the Fresh and Blossomy touch for your body. Domeli’C steers you to go Back To Nature in the Eden of Beauty to get the Glorious but Gentle and Refreshed touch of Nature.

Why a Nature?

Since the beginning of this world, nature has been remained the most healing, curing, and caring for mankind’s wellness. There is nothing tender and gentle but nature. With its serene sincerity and affectionate quality, it spreads her arms to make a healing shelter for mankind.

Eden of Beauty

We have chosen the natural gems from this resourceful earth, and we have called that basic beautiful, and resourceful land as Eden of Beauty. This spring full and lavishly organic land is the magical world of Domeli’C that is All Pure, Natural, and Herbally gemmed.

Our Domeli’C Queen

Domeli’C is an emblem of Marvellous Beauty Essence. She is Gorgeously Pure and Stunningly Beautiful who is all set to spread her spells of Beautification & Healing to all mankind. Her Magical Realm which is full of Bloomed Colourful Nature is the Eden Of Beauty. Domeli’C plucks out the Natural Herbs, Flowers, and Fresh Fruits from her Eden of Beauty and sends that magical gemmed gifts in the form of Domeli’C Beauty Enhancing Products. We all are benefited from Her Majestic Beauty Blessings and Praises which She gives as Skin Care, Personal Care, Hair Care, and a wide range of Handmade Cold-Press Soaps. Follow the Spells of Domeli’C to experience a New, Refreshed, and Magical aura of Beautification by Dwelling in Nature.


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Our mission

Our journey had started by catching The Beauty enhancing ingredients from Mother Nature which are purely organic ones. We are inspired by eternal and mutual love between nature and mankind. So we are partnered with organic herbs and ingredients to make our beauty products the most effective and refreshing ones which we have plucked out from the Eden of Beauty (Nature). Applaud to our urge that we are in the footsteps of Queen Domeli’C (beautiful Nature) to give you Purity, Tenderness, Healing, and Freshness so that you would cheer to your Beautiful-Self.
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